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  • Joint Sealing Works – Cork International Airport
    We offer a full range of Joint Sealing applications using hot and cold applied extruded sealants all to the following specification :-

• BS 2499 1993 Type N1
• BS 2499 1993 Type N2

• BS 2499 1993 Type F1

• BS 2499 1993 Type F2

• BS 5212 Type FB and all grades of gun applied sealants


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  • Saw Cutting – M6, Junction 12 to Penkridge [top]

    • We offer a full saw cutting package from joint cutting to deep cuts in both Concrete and Asphalt.


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  • Addagrip 1000 – Radom Airfield Poland [top]

    • Addagrip 1000 system is available to restore old and spalled concrete or asphalt surfaces.
    • Addagrip 1000 is fuel resistant and is therefore able to be used on aircraft standing areas.
    • Addagrip 1000 has a high PSV and can be used for its skid resistant qualities.


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  • Miles Macadam – Fuel Resistant Slurry Seal - RAF Waddington and RAF Colherne [top]

    • Miles Macadam Aeroseal is a fuel resistant slurry seal that is applied in a single coat to tarmac surfaces.
    • Aeroseal is ideal to use where fuel spillages are likely.
    • Aeroseal is unique in its manufacture and provides a stable high bitumen seal coat designed to rejuvenate and protect runway and taxiway surfaces.

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  • Non-fuel resistant Slurry Seal – RAF Scampton runway overshoots [top]

    • Bitumen based slurry seals have a wide range of applications from Airfield Runways and Taxiways through to footpaths and driveways.
    • Slurry can be machine laid or hand applied depending on the area’s available.
    • Slurry seals can extend the lifespan of surfaces by several years and provides a cost effective alternative to resurfacing especially when time is of a premium.


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  • Pavement Quality Concrete – RAF Coningsby and Liverpool Airport [top]

    • We offer a full replacement service, both large and small areas.


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  • Resurfacing Works – RAF Northolt [top]

    • We offer a full range of re-surfacing areas with design mixes or standard re-surfacing.


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  • Overbanding/Crack Sealing – RAF Scampton [top]

    • Cracks in existing surfaces can be kept to a minimum by overbanding.
    • Using A2/B2 OBS can prevent water ingress into cracks, therefore keeping further degradation to a minimum, leaving areas F.O.D free.

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  • Recessed Jointing System (AS100) – RAF Northolt [top]

    • AS100 is a stress absorbing inlay crack repair system designed to repair reflective cracks and fatigue cracking in rigid and flexible highway and airfield surfaces.

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  • Overband Removal – M54 Junctions 2-3 [top]

    • Old overband sealant can be effectively removed using mechanical flails.
    • When used correctly the old overband is removed without damage to the existing surface.


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  • Rubber Deposit Removal – RAF Coningsby [top]

    • Build up of Rubber Deposit can cause low skid resistance on runways.
    • Rubber can be removed safely by high pressure water jetting.


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  • Addastone – Housing Development Middle Rasen, Lincs [top]

    • Addastone is a resin bonded stone surfacing system that provides an attractive, hard wearing, low maintenance surface. With a wide range of aggregates available.
    • Addastone gives the appearance of natural aggregate, without the problems loose aggregate can create.


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  • Epoxy Floor Coatings – RAF Coningsby [top]

    • Epoxy Floor Coatings are available in a range of British Standard Colours.
    • Floors are prepared by captive blasting and coatings are used to revitalise worn areas creating aesthetically pleasing areas that have functionality for health and safety walkways and working areas in a dust free environment.
    • Epoxy Floor Coatings provide a durable high build gloss finish that is resistant to moisture aliphatic solvents, petroleum solvents, moisture and both acid and alkali spillages.


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